Better.Not more

Ideas.For success

More brands are pushing out more content, through more channels. Most of it is meaningless.

We say – The world doesn’t need more, it needs better.

Better strategic planning, aligning business, brand and comms.
Better insight into customers’ real lives, cares and heads.
Better creative that emotionally grabs and moves the audience.
Which will deliver better results.

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Our Thinking

Performance Marketing is killing clients.

Nigel Hollis, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar’s Insights Division has written

Social media induced loneliness

We’re not connecting, we’re comparing.

Nobody likes feeling lonely. There’s not a single soul in the history of the world


Be more lobster.

As you’ll know, the recent Be More Dog campaign was an attempt to encourage people

Robots in a line-up.

Separating good ideas from significant ideas.

What separates good ideas, from significant ideas? This week in the office we were talking

Please use Napier students responsibly.

Last week we were invited to chat to some Napier students about advertising, and then

Hand raised to ask a question

Let’s be less nice to ourselves.

I was recently at, and then kindly asked to write a blog for, the Amplify

D&AD New Blood Festival 2018

Why we love New Blood.

Ciao! We are Andrea & Silvia and, on behalf of The Gate Edinburgh, in mid-July

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