Separating good ideas from significant ideas

What separates good ideas, from significant ideas?

This week in the office we were talking about what makes great, significant, ideas different from ordinary ideas. Here’s where we got to:

We said to ask:

  • Could an artist have made this?
  • Could you talk about it in the pub?
  • Without embarrassment?
  • Do I give a shit?
  • Does it affect culture?
  • Is it a first?
  • Does it change anything?
  • Does it make me think?
  • Does it move me?
  • Does it make me feel?
  • Does it start a discussion?
  • Is it ambitious?
  • Does it break any rules?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Can you simply say the idea in 10 words?


FYI: We also had some contributions from other lovely folk later, including;

  • Do I want to make it?
  • Does this scare me?
  • Is it on brand?
  • Does it increase inclusion?
  • Will it motivate audience?
  • Does it solve problem?
  • How much value does it add?

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