A job is not just a job. It’s being passionate about work.

It’s like-minded people working together to create something to be proud of. It’s unique and memorable ideas. It’s looking forward to tomorrow. Agree?

We are seeking a stand-out individual to join our talented, multi-disciplinary team to help forge a new direction in Interactive Marketing.

The role has six simple components:

  1. To provide clients with exemplary strategic guidance in developing and delivering their digital vision and online marketing strategies. This means having a proactive, real-time understanding of the client’s strategic challenges and identifying digital marketing opportunities – presenting the business case and demonstrating clear campaign expectations / ROI.
  2. To lead in the effective delivery of 360 degree marketing strategies for our clients, ensuring plans are delivered on time and budget, and that targets are met. This means forecasting of campaign effectiveness, as well as ongoing campaign analysis and reporting, and the use of findings to inform recommendations for future marketing activity.
  3. To coordinate with marketing and delivery teams to ensure first-class execution of strategy. This means working closely with the wider agency team to ensure successful integration across all the marketing channels, as well as identifying opportunities to cross-sell relevant services.
  4. To help develop new business – from spotting new leads to pitching and tendering for contracts to simply being an ambassador for the agency.
  5. To manage multiple projects effectively. This means leading our relationships with clients, partners and suppliers – including liaison with partner agencies – to ensure smooth delivery and successful completion. At its most basic, this entails accurate project costing and fee negotiation to build profitability on every project, as well as team management to align staff, resources and skills with project demands and the needs of the market.
  6. To help keep the agency at the forefront of developments in interactive marketing. This means having a passion for interactive communication and staying in touch with industry trends and social/cultural shifts. The successful candidate is expected to help provide the agency with ‘thought leadership’ on a wide spectrum of interactive marketing issues and opportunities.

Desired Skills and Experience

This is a senior role and you are expected to have a wide, strategic understanding of the full spectrum of digital marketing, as well as understanding the nuts and bolts of web development. Ideally, this will include experience in marketing automation and inbound marketing, SEO/PPC, usability, display, social media, mobile and so on.

The true goal is to provide clients with compelling business cases, effective strategies and robust implementation. This means you must have strong client management skills, and a successful track record of handling multiple projects profitably at any one time.

You will be a great communicator with the confidence and energy to pitch successfully, to drive projects and to deliver for clients. This includes experience of writing clear, concise, readable proposals, tenders and strategies.

Since effective strategies demand sound data and strong analytics, you will be familiar with the full range of quantitative and qualitative research, tools and techniques. Ultimately, the role is to help clients understand the value and ROI of any project.

Desirable skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of Google / Bing PPC systems, including SEO features across these major platforms
  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of using Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of using social media platforms (paid and organic use)
  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of using programmatic /display / tracking costs and setup
  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of applying measurement systems, ROI analysis and forecasting
  • Knowledge of / demonstrable experience of industry tools such as social media monitoring, search visibility, website maintenance, insight and planning, user research

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