The Barrier: Science can be hard work and isn't always seen as much fun.

Commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to engage Edinburgh with science, we had a big challenge, and a challenging environment to achieve it in – Edinburgh during the Festival.

The Idea: Tap into the popularity of zombies to make science infectious.

Using our brains (before they were eaten), we conceived Deadinburgh: An ambitious interactive and immersive event where the capital is being ravaged by a mystery zombie pathogen. Following live stunts, a film, (fake) blood bag invites, and more, we also made Zombier – our own beer.

The result: An infectious buzz.

The event sold out on release and stayed that way for the whole 6 days, and we won The Chairman’s Award at the 2013 Scottish Event Awards, Best Direct Mail and Best Website at 2013 Scottish Creative Awards.