The Barrier: Lack of confidence.

Our research showed many parents lack confidence when it comes to helping their children learn and don’t feel they can make an impact in their child’s future success. They think it is their teacher’s jobs.

The Idea: Get parents and children working together (without even realising it).

We got parents and children so excited about their future that they couldn’t not share their dreams. Together, families wrote, recorded, drew and uploaded their children’s dreams (from YouTuber to burrito… yes burrito) to our digital ‘Future Me’ wall. Then we stayed in touch with activities to help them achieve their dreams.

The result: Turning dreams into reality.

So far, we’ve reached over 2.4m adults and had over 18,000 website visits resulting in over 1,300 dreams shared. In addition 519 partners were secured and 192 pieces of PR coverage achieved. Proof that dreaming big pays off.