The Barrier: Just saying you're old is old hat.

The Glenlivet is the oldest legal whisky distillery in their area and has a legacy that has been kept alive for almost two hundred years. But, in a tale as old as the hills, everyone has moved in on their turf and says they’re also old.

The Idea: Don't just read it, feel it.

To create a powerful and lasting experience that did more than just tell the Glenlivet story, we invited journalists, global distributors and loyal Glenlivet Guardians to an innovative geocaching event. The guided immersion took participants on a journey of discovery around iconic landmarks and deep into the Glenlivet brand history in way that words alone couldn’t.

Results: Creating a legacy in its own right.

That the Glenlivet Trail we created still lives on long after the thousands of excited cachers experienced it is testament to its success. Beyond that, the PR coverage was vast and the brand affinity developed was long. Here’s to another 200 years of Glenlivet success.