The Barrier: Getting 6 premier institutions to sit happily under one brand.

Imagine combining the brainpower and knowledge of six of the leading scientific institutes; SCUC, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, BioSS, Moredun, The Rowett Institute and the James Hutton Institute. Now imagine the politics, technicalities and branding issues. We needed to reflect their many strengths in a fair but exciting way.

The Idea: Find the core, uniting truth.

A single objective runs through the heart of each participating organisations: ‘The betterment of lives in a world facing environmental problems and dwindling resources’. With that in mind we created a name, strapline and complete visual brand identity that communicated both their unflagging missions and function – Sefari.

The result: A strong, united front and future for science.

Following a launch attended by important influencers at the Scottish Government, Sefari’s brand has successfully united these esteemed Research Institutes in the eyes of the public. With a growing profile they’re quickly on their way to the international stage.