An energising family

A new entrant to the Irish market, Airtricity was a niche, British owned, wind-farm operator. It seemed unlikely to trouble the powerful, well-liked semi-state energy firms. However no-one had really considered the audience properly before. Culturally, RoI is more family-oriented than the UK. We proposed to break away from the rest of the corporate market by pitching Airtricity as a different kind of power company – one that understood, mirrored and catered to families on a budget.

Switching energy – it’s child’s play

Talking directly and simply to a family audience for the first time, we showed them that switching to, and getting what you wanted, from Airtricity was ‘Child’s Play’.

The Gate

200,000 new customers target 2 years early

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Awareness rose from 9% to 85%, in 12 months

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Sales Hit 120,000 in three months

Within one year, 220,000 homes had signed up – over 10% of the market, two years ahead of target, and at half the cost per acquisition as market leader

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Market share grew 1000% in 12 months – two years ahead of schedule

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Conversion response estimated to be around half that of market leader

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‘Product Launch of the Year’ and ‘Chairman’s Award’ at the Drum Marketing Awards


The campaign cut through in a tough, competitive market. The Gate was instrumental in making this the perfect launch for Airtricity.

Jackie Duggan Marketing Manager Airtricity

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