Business Gateway

A Surreal Reimagining

Worth re-thinking

Historically a service for start-ups, we were asked to reposition Business Gateway as a service for successful, growing businesses. Research uncovered they have a different set of requirements- requiring a skilled and experienced advisor partner, valuable strategic insight, high–level networking connections, and access to sophisticated resources. So, to succeed in engaging with growth companies, we had to change the way that experienced executives looked at Business Gateway.

Reimagine your business

A new ‘business class’ positioning demanded a big change in their advertising’s impact, content and tone. To do this we challenged established entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their understanding of Business Gateway, but also to “Re-imagine your business.”

The Gate

A 10.8% increase in enquiries and a ROMI of 1:20

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50% year-on-year uplift in growth businesses making contact

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29% of new contacts cited ‘help to grow’ as their primary reason for making contact

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The total enquiries rose 10.8%, to 63,247

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Awareness amongst growth businesses rose from 87% to 96%

*The GEN report shows Business Gateway delivers c. £100m Gross Value Added p.a. (ROI 1:7.2). An 11% uplift in enquiries is valued at around £11m, giving a ROMI of 1:20

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