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Early Learning and Childcare Careers

To truly enjoy your job is a rare thing

The Scottish Government promised to double free childcare hours for parents around Scotland and, in order to keep their promise, they required thousands of new Early Learning and Childcare staff by the year 2020.

We targeted parents who were daunted by the prospect of returning to work, or talented individuals whose current humdrum jobs simply didn’t match their sparkle and enthusiasm. We wanted to show them that by getting a job in ELC, work doesn’t have to be about the mundane or routine. If you’re special enough to work in ELC, work can be truly joyful.

Working in ELC is more than a job – it’s a joy

Early Learning and Childcare is not for everyone – you have to be great with kids (obviously) but also able to think on your feet and be passionate about child development. However, if you do meet the bill, it is a job that you can go to everyday with a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

Yes, there’s paperwork, there are board meetings and there’s stock rotation – but of a whole different kind.

Promotional poster with a nursery worker helping children paint on a board. It reads:
Get a job full of "board meetings".
Promotional poster with nursery working playing outdoors with children dressed in homemade armour. It reads:
Get a job doing "knight shifts".
Promotional poster with nursery worker helping children with crafts. It reads:
Get a job doing "paperwork".

Exceeded client targets

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135,000 total website visits

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Generated 55% motivation score among those who saw the campaign

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Increased the number of target audience who believe that ELC is a suitable career choice for them

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Significantly shifted perceptions of ELC as offering a career with creativity

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