Everyone has the power to make change by calling out abuse and bullying

Stonewall wanted to create social change: to stop homophobic language by asking people to step in and stand up against it.

Research showed that for young LGBT people, the incidence and damage of bullying was even higher. So, in order to help build acceptance and inclusion of the LGBT community, we targeted all young people; teaming up with schools and developing a digital channel strategy based on their existing habits.

Hear it. Stop it. Don’t be a bystander.

We set SMART objectives with schools and influencers/celebrities. This included a pledge and a school education pack that pupils and teachers alike could download and reference.

We created an emotionally charged piece of film content voiced by Sir Ian McKellen as the strong engagement piece at the heart of our campaign. Set in a playground, it tapped into many people’s engrained fears of isolation and the emotional effect of name-calling.

The Gate

Exceeded client targets

250,000 views of our film on YouTube

Twitter icon

66m organic impressions through Twitter

World wide web icon

64,500 unique visitors to nobystanders.org.uk

90% of schools engaged with the pledge

700 learning packs downloaded and used (vs 500 target)

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