Scottish Government - SEFARI

Brand Identity

Scotland is leading the world’s search for sustainability

We had to create a single, unifying, brand identity for six different, leading Scottish research institutes, who have come together as part of a Government-sponsored, strategic research programme into greater sustainability of food production, environmental protection and social inclusion. It’s an on-going search and journey of discovery, and together they could lead it.

It’s a ‘SEFARI’

We created the name and visual identity for SEFARI: The Scottish Environmental Food and Agricultural Research Institutes. An epic group hunting down answers to the most important questions facing the planet and our livelihoods.

The Gate

An excited, new, united front

Today, SEFARI is united and delivering world-class research from its six institutes, which build on their distinct expertise, partnerships and global reputation. Following a launch attended by important influencers at the Scottish Government, SEFARI’s brand has successfully united these esteemed Research Institutes in the eyes of the public. And their growing profile is helping them on their way to the international stage.

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