Ideas forever

Significant emotions = significant profits, fame, and more


sɪɡˈnɪfɪk(ə)nt/ – dictionary definition


  1. sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.

“a significant increase in sales”

synonyms: notable, noteworthy, worthy of attention, remarkable, outstanding, important, of importance, of consequence, consequential
  1. having a particular meaning; indicative of something.

“in times of stress her dreams seemed to her especially significant”

Using emotions to make you more important

When stats show people only really care about 26% of brands*, we want to make you a real part of your audience’s lives; make your audience, not necessarily married to you, but make you a Significant Other to them: To do this, they need to feel you.

Looking beyond what things do, into how they make people feel is proven to be twice as efficient as rational work and delivers twice the profit**.

By making you significant to people at a functional, emotional and social level; and making you signify and stand for something meaningful, we help you have a purpose in society.

e.g. A hammer

Functional significance – Put nails in walls easier

Emotional significance – Create a room that feels more like yours

Social significance – Allows you to show the world who you are

Significant thought: Self expression made easy

Or, we could just talk about polycarbonate steel, tempered at high-temperatures and made into a weird shape.

* Haves ‘Meaningful Brands’ study, 2017. Based on 375,000 people from 300+ countries.

**The long and the short of it – Les Binet and Peter Field