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STEM Teacher Recruitment

Teaching is a helluva lot more satisfying than making things

Our target was a select group of top STEM students with big plans to be discoverers, and breakthrough scientists with challenging and important lives making important things. We had to make them feel that wasn’t enough: Our interviews showed that teaching gives you a hell of a lot more satisfaction than other jobs – it’s intrinsically meaningful.

For real satisfaction; stop making things. Start making people

Rather than accepting that teaching was a second rate job, we challenged students to put their skills to a more meaningful, rewarding, better end. Don’t just make things… Make people.

You can build shareholder's profits. But can you build lives?
You can predict global trends. But can you shape futures?
You can build rockets. But can you start fires?
The Gate

Tripled client target

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Over 45,000 website visits in first 2 months

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12% increase (double client target) in people seeing teaching as ‘an ideal career choice for them’

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Tripled client target for people considering applying

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And the campaign won two Gold Marketing Society Star Awards. Class dismissed.

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